Stem,” SWWIM Every Day

Floss,” Literary Matters

Plumule, Plumb Rule, & Plum Gouger,” Memorious

Lines to Be Tied to Garment Tags in the Underwear Section of a Department Store,” Cordella

Songs of the Inner Room,” Flock

Limax maximus,” Michigan Quarterly Review

Dishwashing,” the Arkansas International

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New Methods in Tooth Brushing,” the Common online

‘This resonant, strange, vaulting roof’: Contemporary Sonnets Beyond Iambic Pentameter,” Annulet

‘And the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven,’” Every Atom: Reflections on Whitman at 200, North American Review online

What Can I Give You?,” Contributors’ Marginalia on Maggie Smith’s “Love Poem,” 32 Poems

Wake Up!,” Contributors’ Marginalia essay on Zeina Hashem Beck’s “Adhan,” 32 Poems

Five Poets of Place,” Vela

Durham Main Post Office,” in In Quire, Picture Postcards project

Falling Through the Screen,” American Scientist

Serious Nonsense: Edward Lear’s natural-history illustration won him scientific credibility. Now his nonsense verse may do the same,” American Scientist

Book Reviewing in the Sciences: A Conversation,” American Scientist

Epic Science: At an international colloquium this September, researchers will tell the story of science poetry’s evolution,” American Scientist

Savory Individuals: A field study reveals new evidence for airborne communication in sagebrush plants,” American Scientist

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